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Facial Kits Starts From Rs.250
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About VLCC

What started as a belief of a visionary Mrs Vandana Luthra, has in 26 years become an institution that has helped shape the dream and aspirations of millions. Spread over 301 locations in 134 cities with operations in 11 countries in South Asia, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and East Africa and employing over 4,000 people, VLCC has grown to become a leading wellness brand in India and abroad. VLCC’s scientific approach has helped us gain market leadership in wellness services and products in virtually all geographies where we are currently present. Early to recognize that slimming is not about crash diets and that beauty and wellness were two sides of the same coin, we have been constantly innovating to be ahead of the curve.
The VLCC group straddles a holistic wellness domain, advocating and enabling a healthier way of life. From cosmetic beauty treatments we have opened domains of expertise in scientific skin and hair care that tackled issues in greater depth. We have innovated to make easily available to customers, a comprehensive range of personal care products through retail channels, and brought into play beauty and nutritional programs in vocational education that have shaped careers. In so doing, we have further helped shape their confidence, charisma and charm… making the feel-good factor work towards delivering a positive impact on others.
We have helped shape an industry by creating an integrated wellness platform that has created value and sustained profits for our stakeholders.